Sunday 24 November 2013

Massive (e), Second Layer, Fail!

Yup FAIL!!! epic FAIL!!!.. plus it just started to rain...
2 reasons... mesh blocked for being underdeveloped, ink very liquid.
2 solutions a denser color and a water wash to unblock the mesh.

If they don't work, i'll have to re-develop which will result to a delay...

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Massive (d), Second Layer

Second layer developed, unfortunately one tiny detail got underexposed (don't forget the size of this mama)...
The Devil however Hides in the Details... so while I prefere little detail differences from one printing to another (as a matter of fact from one print to another too, and in fact this is exactly the difference between handmade and digital), Zofos must take one of three decisions...
A) leave it as it is.
B) correct it by hand (the star, not the little lines in the triangles)...
C) clean it all over, re-mesh and redevelop...

Friday 15 November 2013

Massive (c), Reclaim

Thoroughly cleaning the screen from leftover color (2nd cleaning - Nitro) and residual glue from the tape that served as color bleed protection.
Once the mesh gets reclaimed, residual color will be visible (trace) and will be cleaned once again.

GOTCHA!!!...reclamed... well allmost.. need a last one cleaning hand... but reclamed...

Thursday 14 November 2013

Massive (b), Printing

Printing #117
75% White, 25% Red.

More tape to avoid color bleed
#117 Printed

 Remnants of a day

Monday 11 November 2013


For those of you who are accustomed to my work, "make-shift" is my core concept, both in art and applied arts.

After printing for a few other fellow artists, Sonke (etching), and a few Mapet (sticker A, sticker B) projects (between them the share stickers joint project with Lotek) and following my make-shift printhouse tradition, I accepted a bigger challenge... a 50cX70cm 3 color challenge that is... for ZOFOS.

Mind you this is a make-shift printhouse... and from 12cm stickers... to 35cm t-shirts... a 50X70cm 3 color posters without prior printhouse specifications can be quite a challenge.

Meet "Godzilla" my handmade screen frame made for the occasion... 64,5cm X 91cm (outside), inside 58,5cm X 85cm... Double Bolted!!

Cost so far:
• 3m semi-planed wood = 5 euro
• 95X70cm Mesh = 25 euro
• Bolts & screws ≈ 5 euro

What i woulde have done differently:
Maybe i should have choosen a well planed wood insead of a semi-planed one, it would make tape easier to stick on later when i'll need to stop corners from color bleeding... or i should have varnished it before putting it together.

Separations and Transparencies:
Colors separated, transparencies ready to print... in each transparency 1pt of stroke added for color trapping. Also 8 point stars added to serve as registration marks.

Cost + 3.20 Euro, maybe i'll print a new transparency for the Black color since this one seems chocked in the wave lines.

Ready to print the first colour.