Thursday 29 November 2012

Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Wake Up Call - Trailer-

The Wake Up Call, short greek politic graffiti documentary, trailer and site on air!
By Kostas Kallergis.

Featuring Bleeps, Mapet, Pavlo and yours truly "me".


Thursday 8 November 2012

T-Shirts for the Masses?..

Masses... it sounds different in Greek (μάσες=big eats)... so different that actually it gives away the real incentive...

T-shirts from T-shirt maniac and hot-tshirt... of course none of these are endorsed...

Again all of you fine people who happen to like my graffiti, you are invited to take anything you want and make anything you like, it would make me extreamely happy knowing that you didn't give your percious money to this kind of sharks...