Sunday 6 January 2019

my abstract to the 2019 Lund University call for papers and Graffiti artists.

The route from our indebted homes to our unfulfilling jobs and back, is the ideal place
for Absent to set his urban trap and catch you in his message…
Between cartoon and street-art, with humour and irony, laughter becomes the weapon
against authority as well as the link connecting diverse people in a common goal, freedom,
justice and democracy (a working one it is).

"With - at a first sight - rude, explicit and highly personal visual attacks, restoration of balance
between the people and authority (real or wannabe) is sought, empowering the reader through
his own laughter".

A universal reference point for the Greek Crisis, Absent's political satire posters are a part of
the permanent collection of the Greek National Museum of History.

  • Absent doesn’t come empty handed, licence for “The Wake Up Call” short documentary 
    of Kostas Kallergis has already been obtained, featuring the “first response” Greek political artist, 
    and distinguishing them from the second “tourist-aimed-political-graffiti” wave.

  • 2008-2012 Urban Snapshot, 5 years of crisis sticker collection, never before exhibited.