Wednesday 10 July 2013

Greeks excluded

My big, fat, hairy, NON-GREEK, Greek crisis street art.

The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASKT), organizes a GREEK-CRISIS Street art... thing... from which Greek artivists are of course excluded.

No one invited us, and I wouldn't even bother to comment, however i feel compelled to do so after reading a School of Fine Arts comment to newspaper TO BHMA, which stated that Greeks were excluded due to the "dubious artistic value" of Greek street art.

ASKT's need to control and dictate "imported culture" to its "inferior greek citizens", once again shows why it never leads and always follows... and it doesn't come as a surprise.

A sorrofull salute to fellow foreign street artist that are being used as a free speech and polyphony alibi.

TRANSLATION: "The initiative also aims to highlight the differencebetween street artists who perform social criticism on walls and buildings with works that are branded and that are instantly recognizable for their personal character, as opposed to the anarchy of anonymous complaints with graffiti, which most often pollute public spaces with personal desires with dubious to none artistic value".


  1. that is the biggest bullshit excuse i have ever heard. the quality and complexity of street art (especially crisis related) in athens is amazing and has made an impression on visitors and journalist from all over the place!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment "Anonymous". Indeed Greek Street Art's vibes (especialy crisis related) have been felt all over Europe, Universities, Press, Art Organizations and even in a Museum... Apparently Greek Censorship works with substitutes... NERIT (EDT as it is called today) VS. ERT... ASKT street-art VS. Greek Roads... ecc...