Saturday 24 March 2012

25 March 2012

This year greeks were banned from the commemorative parade of their National Liberation Day. Athens was behind bars once again, and access was permitted only with "Invitations".

On the one and only "Greek National Liberation Day" where our ancestor's deeds were finally regarded not as the ghost that hounts its unworthy children, but as inspiration to remain unbowed... the presence of their descendants was deemed -by the greek ruling elite-unnecessary...

A little something (Greek Crisis Banksy-fied, part2, the revolt) to commemorate in a worthy manner the 25 March Greek liberation anniversary.

Special thanks to "K", Teo, Sonke, Iliana, Pavlo and last but in no way least, Zoe, for their invaluable help, support and assistance in its realisation.

P.S.: Be your own "Invitation".

I also owe a super special "SORRY DUDE" felt from the very depths of my heart to Cacao Rocks who's wheatpeast steped on, apparently for nothing, as it could have been avoided...
Circumstances at Athens Center have been very strict lately... I surely owe you one!

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