Friday 3 February 2012

Banksy-fied Greek crisis mural got viral.

My lil Banksy-fied Greek crisis mural got viral.
It seems it all started throgh facebook groups and then got noticed from Mediagate media-news-blog, from there to Metro, Newsbeast and then got outta hand to fill 9 google search pages (whith only one key-phrase search... oh yeah and that in greek!).

here are only a few for you to get an idea.
inews, o parlapipas,, on-News, Axortagos, EZY, Εχω θέμα, bloglines, trelogiannis, palo, arpaktiko, grblogs, plus corfu, rafina news, epanastasi gr, psema, patrinorama... ecc... ecc...

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