Tuesday 2 November 2010

Street Linocut C - third "No Niquita" wave

Preparation for the third wave of No Niquita linocut (hanged to dry), just 5 days before Municipal and Prefecture elections.

Finances: the second "No Niquita" wave, was printed with oil based colors (cost 'bout 4 euro per tube), what i did different this time was i bought instead a box of oil based blue color made for coloring wood surfaces indoors.
Unfortunately, the color being more fluid, needed more attention, and a lesser quantity applied on the roller to protect the etched surface from being flooded.
Another problem with the new color was that once printed the used materials needed much more effort to get cleaned, and there is a possible small hidden cost about it, more detergent or/and use of white spirit for instance.
The good thing about it was, on the other hand, that you get the quantity of a small bottle of water in color with just 5 euro cost. Which is enough for LOTS of prints (and i really mean LOTS!!!!). Another good thing is that it dried in only 12 hours instead of the 1-2 days needed with the tube oil color.
Final oppinion: I know i'll use it again... sure i'll use it again but with better timeline... its a pitty to waste the big ammount of time required for cleaning, to print only (as is the case) a dozen. It's good but for bigger quantities... depending the First Sunday's election's results, i'll might print a forth wave for next week, but surely in more copies... 20-30... to make it worth the effort.

OOOPS: On the left you can see some of the copies hand printed with the "N" upsidedown... wow collectibles : )

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